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January 16, 2021

PROMPT: Playlist

if you're in a shiny and peaceful mood:
-we fell in love in october (girl in red)
-i wanna be your girlfriend (girl in red)
-boys will be bugs (cavetown)
-dancing in my room (347aiden)
-marlboro nights (lonely god)
-revenge (xxxtentation)
-devil eyes (hippie sabotage)

if you're in a mood to rock:
-a tout le monde (megadeth)
-the unforgiven (metallica)
-duality (slipknot)
-nightmare (avenged sevenfold)
-paradise (guns n roses)
-30 years of life (slash)
-toxicity (system of a down)

and some turkish:
-giderdi hoşuma (yaşlı amca)
-beni rahatta dinleyin (son feci bisiklet)
-bodrum (yüzyüzeyken konuşuruz)
-belki alışman lazım (duman)
-bir kadın çizeceksin (maNga)
-oyunbozan (mor ve ötesi)
-kediler ve şarkılar (yaşlı amca)
-rüyalarda buruşmuşum (adamlar)

no need to explain, you'll get the feeling when you listen:)
i highly recommend...


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  • Cosmogyral

    i literally only recognize two artists, and i don't even listen to them. i'll be sure to build this and listen, thanks :)

    4 months ago