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Untitled and unseen

January 16, 2021

PROMPT: The Unseen

This is something everyone wishing they could see, what only a few can. 

People never believe, who'm just avoid the belief. 
At times, not everyone agreed with what we saw.

And so it was clear, for us it was seen. For them it was unseen. 

We, the seen, have decided that we will remain hidden alike our sights...
For the sake of the people who do not see the unseen.

Together we, the unseen, will in hope become apart of the seen.

The invisible will become
The unspoken will become
The unheard will become

We are here for something.
We know that now.

To live.
To fight.
To love.
To break.
To win.
To die.

Forever. Goodbye.


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