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Age: 16. Male. Not necessarily looking for a career as an author but still have an interest in writing creative pieces as a hobby from time to time - I really like working with technology but also consider law at times. There's alot of things to do.

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To Whom it May Concern

February 12, 2021


To whom it may concern,
My name is [REDACTED]. and I'm writing to you from the past to tell you about-

Well, I'm not sure myself. You always used to start letters and emails like that, but it never really made sense, did it? I wouldn't want to turn this letter into some grand, vivid tale like you usually did with all my writing works.

I've said my name, but I guess I should have mentioned that I'm you from the past. Crazy, I know. Maybe you've kept the same name, which would be nice. Maybe you've instead decided to take a new name on account of blending into the espionage scene, or you've become a fugitive for whatever morally-grey acts you've commited. I know very well that you've made mistakes, however small or large they are. From this point in time, I'm completely in the dark about what exactly you've been through. I sincerely hope that you've been able to tackle anything and everything that life has thrown at you, and may continue to do so to both our future selves.

Now, as of the 12th of January 2021, you are 16 years old. A point in life where passion supposedly ripens with the vibrance of a thousand blooming begonias. I can't be sure of how old you are right now, but I'm willing to bet you're grandpa-age in the moments that you're reading this. There's always been something missing, even if everyone says that there's some miraculous cure to my stage fright: courage. Courage to do what I - no, we - want to do, regardless of the chains that bind us from what we want. Currently, I feel as though I'm getting warmer to its location. Somewhere around the back of the head, I reckon. Maybe you've already found it tucked away under a scuffled pile of stresses, worries and I'll-do-it-tomorrows. In that case, may I take the opportunity to commend your initiative and strong will that's carried you so far to where you're standing (or sitting, reading this).

If you haven't exactly found it yet, I'd like to remind you that there's no point in stopping right now. Maybe you've become complacent with the way things are, and have chosen to accept a fate that wasn't necessarily all you hoped for. However, it's still there. Somewhere. Even if it's hidden away, left to rot day by day, there is a possibility it doesn't have to be that way. Wherever you're currently at in life, you have to keep looking at the ambitious goals shining right in front of you.

Go on. Grab it.

Has that motivated you yet? I hope it did. I hope I helped my future self, even if just a little.

Until we meet again,
[REDACTED] (Age - 16)

So I wrote a thing. 

I don't often stray away from my usual fictional (or descriptive non-fiction) writing, but I thought I'd give this a shot. I want to try and expand my horizons a bit, so I hope this was somewhat enjoyable to read.


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  • Couldn'tThinkOfAName

    And your name is great too! :D

    2 months ago
  • Couldn'tThinkOfAName

    @BlueWolf Thank you so much! Yeah, the intention was to add a sense of vagueness so it'd actually make sense, whatever the future turns out to be like.

    2 months ago
  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    Also, I love your name. :3

    2 months ago
  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    I love how you've written this!!!! It is different from the ones I've read. I love the end. You don't assume the direction your life has taken. I like that. I also like how you imagine yourself being at grandpa age. I can visualize you reading this letter one day. It is a great piece of writing!!!

    2 months ago