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Age: 16. Male. Not necessarily looking for a career as an author but still have an interest in writing creative pieces as a hobby from time to time - I really like working with technology but also consider law at times. There's alot of things to do.

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A Bird's Eye View

January 10, 2021

PROMPT: Creature View

A hundred miles per hour, soaring through the airwind, was the falcon. Wind gushed across his streamlined feathers as he flew forward. Its bellowing sound was nothing but a mere taunt to his bravado performance, only propelling him further and further. To him, this was an everyday feeling; a brisk walk, in human terms. Yet, to any onlookers watching from their windows, his unmatched speed was a remarkable feat of nature. 

However, he began to slow down. From a subtle slowing to a few strong flaps, he gently hovered down onto a tiled roof in order to peer down at the curious sight. In so many of his years, he hadn't even once seen the streets of Barcelona as empty as they were today. The bustling fiestas, the constant chatter of clustered crowds, the smell of joy and tacos in the air - gone. As though their species were wiped out by some fatal epidemic, burying them ten feet underground, never to be seen again. It was completely out of place to his gaping eyes, like a jigsaw having every, but one missing, piece in place. 

Around him, his beak turned towards the various other animals in the place of humans. In fact, it was an urban forest of animals, scattered all over the city in his vast view. Birds and rats and cats and dogs, running and jumping in so many places and getting themselves tangled in so many chases. Their chatters were ones of not despair, but newfound happiness in their sudden freedom to explore their rightful world. Those humans had erected so many monuments and idols over their own homes, so it was only fair that they take what was theirs to begin with.

The plethora of nature, everywhere at once, was unnatural. It was funny - he wouldn't mind joining in and enjoying the peaceful territory reclaimed by his kind. Though, at the same time, he wondered when the humans would come back. He adored the bustling fiestas, the constant chatter of clustered crowds, the smell of joy and tacos in the air. After all, this was how it had always been for him. He wondered if the humans missed those times too, wherever they were. If they were off doing something, they'd better get it done and over with. Honestly, he wished for them to come back soon, so long as they were a bit nicer to his kind when they met again.

His intrinsic urge to fly was building up inside him, and he leveraged himself upwards with every beat of his wings. Every beat in his heart, he could feel it. Maybe he would see those humans again, and maybe he wouldn't. That wasn't his worry, but maybe it was theirs. With a carefree expression and a heart full of hope, he soared up into the big, blue sky. To the South he went: away and away and away.


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