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Age: 16. Male. Not necessarily looking for a career as an author but still have an interest in writing creative pieces as a hobby from time to time - I really like working with technology but also consider law at times. There's alot of things to do.

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I'd like honest, specific feedback on this piece and how I could improve. Don't hesitate to be as direct or blunt as you can, even if it's a small comment, since every bit of advice helps.

Thank you, Mr. Science

December 25, 2020

PROMPT: Dear Science

Dear Mr. Science,
Thank you.

Thank you for your help. For the lives you saved. For the injustices you've fought. For the truth you unfold.

Over the years, you've gifted so much to the world. Cures for the most diabolical diseases, preventing the viral massacre of humanity as a whole. You never gave up on solving the mysterious enigmas we once thought were lost causes, and your unbending will of steel pushes us to improve the lives of the many. Even when we were in total darkness, blinded by the curtains of despair, you shone through to our aid on that fateful year. It's no wonder so many people pursue the path of medicine - you make it possible for them to save those we hold close to our hearts.

Many may say that biology is the thread of science weaved closest to the nature of humans, yet I beg to differ. Chemistry may very well be your most admirable feature, allowing us to concoct potions and spells in flasks that bubble, and find out how this planet came from rubble. The very atoms vibrating inside us; the very origins of the Universe and everything in it. Even wrongdoers who've commited the most heinous of crimes can be brought to justice with even a mere fingerprint or blood trace that your eyes let us see. Yes, you're full of maths that goes over my head. Then again, you're the one that leads us to the fragrant essence of existence we all intrinsically seek, myself included.

But don't forget physics: my favourite of all. Every single star shooting in the sky and every amazing aeroplane there too. All you. Maybe biology is life and chemistry is everything inside it, but physics is the one that certainly sparks it in me. From the mystical metrics of a circuit's energy to the lefts and rights of math that direct you to a black hole, physics is the component that brings everything together. The way people move to their feet staying on the ground is only something that physics has ever explained to me, telling me why things are the way they are.

The only reason I think things are the way they are, though, is because of science.

Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of us owe our lives to you.

Thank you, Mr. Science.


Some may ponder as to who this 'Mr. Science' fellow is. Every mister, miss and mix that devote their whole beings to the pursuit of such a remarkable concept as science falls under that umbrella name. Maybe that's not a real answer, but I know for certain that they have all the answers - just waiting to be discovered.
Yeah, I'm not very great with letter prompts. I don't think I focused on any particular topics as well as I should have (instead choosing to waffle my way through that) but I hope you enjoy anyway.


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