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Age: 16. Male. Not necessarily looking for a career as an author but still have an interest in writing creative pieces as a hobby from time to time - I really like working with technology but also consider law at times. There's alot of things to do.

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A Hero

December 18, 2020

A hero.

What is that, exactly? One may imagine a tough, rugged figure donned in a spectacular show of garments, ready to pummel the faces of evil-doers in every nook and cranny of the city. People may also think of some vigilante covered in a veil of black leather and various punk-like attire, hands ready to throw street criminals a knuckle sandwich of justice. But why?

Why do we look up to the superheroes we see zooming past our TVs and in the stories we read? Maybe we want to be them - having the power and confidence to pull off such grand feats is what every child wants. Their bravado personas and mind-blowing abilities, from wielding flames to extraordinary strength, are simply a fantasy that we can only dream of. Yet, they still give us a glimmer of hope to latch onto, even when we're plunged into the darkness that reality often presumes.

Especially in our day and age, where every morning you could wake up to the next supermarket scandal or a gigantic collosus impeding towards Earth the next. Everywhere around us looms an odd uncertainity, where each person's brain circulates round and around with pessimistic predictions about the future. However, humanity shouldn't lose hope yet - just because superheroes aren't real, doesn't mean they can't be.

That's where one must ponder about a difficult question: what hero?

The streets are full of people exiled from their homes. Some run from the dangerous battlefield that is their home, while others question whether they'll even be able to afford food for their starved babies. People are left frail and weak from infection by plagues sweeping the nations. People are failed, day after day, by the very guardians of the law battering the innocent and leaving bloody scars in their wake.

If one could fight these evils with their bare fists and sheer, unbending will of titanium, then maybe we'd see change. Ciizens would be able to live freely, with no suffering so as much as scratching the surface of their skin. We could live in the dstant utopia that we'd always dreamed of as children, our fantasies coming to fruition. As far as the eye would be able to see, these dark forces shrouding us could very well vanish.

Maybe the eye, yes. But not the heart. Maybe these evils wouldn't be able to scratch us in the slightest if these evils were dealt with practically, but they'd still be able to thrive as parasites sucking the soul from our veins with fangs sharpened by mental pain and trauma. A hero who can help is a great one, but without the human quality of empathy they're doomed to fail. Without our inner beings rescued, we'd fall in the trap of having everything good but empty and scarred inside.

Despite that, you can't expect to save people's hearts without providing any real help. You can scream and shout positivity all you like, but none of that goes into seriously beating the struggles that ail society itself. These two components of a hero - winning the battle to save people, and saving people to win the battle. They're like yin and yang; you can't have one without the other.

Now that's where you come in. Assuming that you've managed to read up to here so far, you're human. You have the physical presence needed to save people exiled from their homes; people frail and weakened by illness; people failed by those meant to be upholding the law. Even if it's just a protest, or a garnering of donations for the less fortunate, you can be a hero.

You have the emotional capacity, too that can save the hearts of the people. You can be compassionate to anyone who's been dealt a bad card at life. You can be kind to those around you, spreading the kindness around. Above all else, the empathy that you feel for others could be the very fuel to the flame within you.

Maybe you don't think superheroes exist. If they really did, everything would be okay in this wretched world.

But you know who can be a hero now?

You. You can be a hero.
Again, just a bit of creative writing practice. It's not much of a specific, detailed superhero description with vivid imagery or anything. However, it might stil be motivational in a sense since I tried to link it to the whole 2020 aspect of the prompt.

Also, subtle My Hero Academia references that I sort of drew from when trying to write this. Sort of fitting, wouldn't you agree?


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