I am a huge bookworm!
love pasta!
hate orange & chocolate combo..
gemini :)
and if i ever had to choose a power, it 'd be either telepathy or invisibility.
have a nice day!!

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I changed my name to Astrea. she is the greek goddess of stars and well, i love the night sky...

i am recently a manifest fan. it's awesome!!!

i will probably change my profile pic very often.
joined nov 5, 2020

Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice...

"yesterday was history
tomorrow is a mystery
but today is a gift
that's why they call it a present..."

"when people say impossible, they usually mean improbable" - sturmhond

Hello me!!!

December 17, 2020


Dear Me,

It feels a bit weird writing (typing) this letter. You could be a highly accomplished person, or just a random nobody. You could be a responsible adult while I do the craziest things in life...

Today I write from a world that is stuck in a pandemic, perhaps they have more robots and gadgets in the future than humans? who knows?

Be confident and smile no matter what. Don't take life too seriously. Always contribute and help anyway you can. I hope you are doing something you love...

Live in the moment and don't overthink too much. Enjoy life with your loved ones, read, sing, dance and talk to the stars.
Life is short, so no regrets. Stand by your values and try to live a life full of adventure. 

Yours lovingly,

PS: Please tell me Ryan isn't taller than you...
Ryan is my brother ( he is younger than me). I bet him I would still be taller when we will be adults..
: )


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  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    I know... I have someone who I would really like to be taller than in the future. :3 This is a really good piece. I like how important the messages are. They are all little gems of advice.

    5 months ago