Lost Avengey

United States

"Lux in Tenebris"

December 16, 2020




Listen close.

You hear it too?

Whispers of grandeur, wealth, and royalty.

Promises of peace, prosperity, and development.

Claims of industry, scientific breakthroughs, and agricultural surges.

All of them are lies from a broken society. 

These illusions were created by people with a mind of creativity, that dreamt of worlds filled with food and water, cities roaring with excitement and wonder, and nations void of conflict and greed.


Something so malevolent.

Passionate indeed, but so corrupt in nature.

A fine line that divides the world we have.

And the world we want.

A utopia where people are happy, forever living and free from malice, such as greed and temptations. A world that has achieved perfection.


Such a broad term.

Why use it?

Do me a favor will you?

Describe perfection.

Go on now. It should be simple, correct?

Tell me what is perfect to you.

Perfection simply does not exist. There is no such thing as perfection.

So why use the word? What is its use?

There is such a divide between perfection and greed. One is deemed as horrid while, the other is seen as a blessing. But why? What does perfection achieve? We have never witnessed anything being perfect.

What if we are already perfect…?

What if this is perfection?

Would you really accept that?

Or would your greed swallow you whole.


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