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Search for Happiness

December 15, 2020

PROMPT: The Unseen

I searched the petrifying valleys of the underworld.
I wandered into the agonizing forest of shame. 
I encountered hardships and deceit, 
all to attain the whereabouts of bliss. 

I explored the cave of ignorance.
I climbed the monumental mountains of gloom. 

By my own free will, 
I secluded myself. 
This solitude, 
an encounter with the 
desolate desert of my mind. 

I wanted to feel the natural ecstasy of content. 
It was my one, greedy desire. 
I sought for its effects, 
looking everywhere imaginable. 

Why could I not find this simple thing? 

I pondered and I pondered.
I wondered and I wondered. 

It struck me. 

I was yearning for something buried inside of me all along. 
It was hidden underneath my worries. 

It would only reveal itself if I accepted my regrets, 
living life without constant nerves.

Happiness was among me this whole time. 


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