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Message to Readers

In this time of turmoil and stress, I wrote this poem to remind me of the simple things in life that make me want to persevere. I would love to know your feedback, and what this poem made you feel.

The Simple Things

December 9, 2020


I find beauty in the creation of nature: 

The flowers blooming in spring. 

The birth of a wide-eyed child.

The moon and the stars shining their pale light in the darkness of the night.

Allowing a stranger to come into your life,
developing into a meaningful relationship. 

The sight of another, 
stirring up inside, 
breeding wonder and infatuation. 

A lake,
streaming in a bliss of tranquility. 

An innocent child, 
smiling from excitement. 

The discovery of something that ignites a burning passion. 

Music that soothes your troubles,
simply by grasping its significance to your own self. 

The scent of a fragrant candle, 
its smoke,
enticing a sigh of relief. 

A bond between beings that appear seemingly different. 

Fulfilling your intellectual curiosity. 

An unexpected hand, 
reaching out to help and support you. 

The feeling that you are content, 
that you are truly fulfilling happiness. 

I find beauty in the sensuous journey of life,
for it is the simple things that I desire. 



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1 Comment
  • doodleninja

    this poem and all your imagery in it just radiated relaxing vibes, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wonderful writing! :)
    (also thx for the comment on my piece!)

    5 months ago