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The Power Of Secrets

November 29, 2020

PROMPT: This I Believe

I believe in the power of secrets.
I believe in the whispered words travelling from one person's lips to another's ear.
I believe in the treacherous lies spilt from those very same lips  to another pair of ears.
I believe in the inevitable diffusion of those secrets, whispered in a moment of trust and camaraderie, spreading through the air and bumping into peoples ears like particles in Brownian motion.
I believe in the indescribable high you feel when a weight is lifted off your shoulders and spread from your lips to their ears.
I believe in the indescribable low you feel when you witness their lips move to another set of ears.
I believe in the test that secrets give to friendships.
Will you pass or will you fail, little one?
Will your lips move to form the same syllables that mine did, little one?
Will I be whispering more to you, little one?
Or will all talk cease?
Will a stranger look upon me with a judgemental sneer?
Will a classmate look at me with a shocked 'o' on her lips?
Will a friend look down on me with a smile of pity as his lips form a sequence of syllables that shatters my soul?
Will you ruin what we have, little one, because your lips itched to move in the same patterns as mine?
Will the power of secrets take a hold of our love?
That is one question I can answer
Only you can answer the rest.
We were slaves to the power of secrets long before we met
It strengthened the walls of some and bulldozed the walls of others.
Will you be my concrete or my bulldozer?
My rise from hell or my fall from heaven?
Darling, the power of secrets and the fickle bonds of trust will always hold us captive.
Sweetheart, the cage of lies and trickery will always endeavour to trap us.
It's your decision if you become Lucifers mutt and trap us in this cage.
Because my lips have already formed the syllables that will test this love.
And the power of secrets is shown once again.
As your lips formed the very same syllables as mine.
We have fallen into the trap of trickery.
We are enslaved to the power of scerets.
This, I believe.
So, this is the first thing I've written on here. I would absolutely love some feedback - be as mean as you want to be. Have a nice day everyone! OH, and this is the first draft, so, feedback is incredibly valuable, thank you!


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