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I enjoy reading and been doing this as my past time a lot.
Love cooking, and learning in general. But I am not overly fond of school.

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Let me know if there's any detail I need to add or subtract or to expand the depth overall.

A Visit to the Mirror World

November 27, 2020


     On the marble steps of the City of Vallen, of the Kingdom of Corval, stood daunting columns flanking the left and right sides of the raised entrance to the monarch's residence. The entrance jutted out from the rest of the design with a modest steel door pushed into the cube. The top of the jutting cube is a garden. A variety of flowers lived up there, nourished from undisputed access to sun. The columns drew high in the blue sky impossibly from an angle, but when looked from the side, it's columns in the same area as the base's columns but raised a floor. Like an overbite. A band of grey, polished granite strapped around the base of the building.
     Vallen, pronounced like "fallen," is simply that. "Val" is the Latin root meaning worth, health, and strength, like "valor," "validation," or "value". 
     The monarch-king is simply a figurehead, but the current one truly leads with a fistful of respect and an air of confidence and coolness. His court, sometimes dubbed the "Architects," are comprised of the occupation named "Architects," and the Mediators. They specialize in a certain subcategory. Some mediators specialize in sealing business deals, and some the people and the climate. His architects plans for potential buildings or the technical bits of events. Any class can be freelancers, or permanently hired to a certain company. 
      The strange part about the monarch position is that his or her successor is not by blood, but by selection from the current. Most of the time it's one of the monarch's court, but there are a few unexpected ones. 
       The current monarch is an anomaly. People at below hears great things about him, some going as far as seeing him minding with the crowd. As any leader of any faction, they generally only have time to communicate with their circle who speaks in their stead to the rest of its members. Even the most social of Corval's monarchs have to cut things short. 
       Corval followed the peak of society, including the beliefs and ideas ever-popping in that area. Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantine, are examples of remnants of prominent societies. Corval truly is the heart of where "genius" lay.
So, this is me outlining a novel I want to writing. This is likely going to not be in the actual story. The 366 word document is basically a piece of the lore. Let me know if there's any detail I need to add or substract or to expand the depth overall. The point of this to help my writing too.


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