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December 16, 2020

PROMPT: Playlist

1. Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie
This is one of my all-time favorites. It seems up-beat and happy at first glance (listen?), but the lyrics are actually super deep and sad. This song inspires me because it makes me remember to notice the little beautiful things in life that normally go unnoticed. The music video is really cool too. 

2. No Such Thing by John Mayer
I absolutely love the lyrics to this song. Whenever I'm feeling trapped or stressed out, I just listen to the chorus of this song in my head. It's so rebellious and fun.

3. Bow and Arrow by Reuben and the Dark
The lyrics to this song are pretty repetitive, but I think that just makes it that much more profound. The line "While the rainwater washes away who you are" gives me chills every time. It's so easy to just get lost in this song.

4. Be a Rebel by New Order
I apologize in advance for using the word "catchy" too often, but this song is very catchy. It's kinda cool 'cause New Order used to be one of my dad's favorite bands, and now I love their new music.

5. Two Punks In Love by bülow
There aren't that many love songs in my list, but I had to include this one. It's just so sweet and catchy and I love it. 

6. Step by Vampire Weekend
Again, a super catchy song. I love Vampire Weekend, so it was hard to decide which of their songs to include. I decided to go with the first one that I heard since it was the one that prompted me to listen to the others. 

7. Take it Slow by Michael Lane
This song is so amazing. It's the song I listen to when I'm feeling panicky and anxious. The lyrics are so beautiful and inspirational. One of my favorites, for sure. I can't listen to it without smiling.

8. Dis-Moi by Aiza
I love listening to French music, so I had to include at least one in my list. Dis-Moi is super catchy (just by typing the title I got it stuck in my head), and even though I don't understand all the lyrics, it's really fun to sing along to.

9. Survivin' by Bastille
Super catchy, and I think it's extremely fitting for these times. This song definitely inspires me to acknowledge that just persevering and, well, survivin', is enough, especially during a worldwide pandemic. Tomorrow exists, and it's only a day away. Ugh now I'm quoting Annie, aren't I?

10. The Outside by Will Killen
I relate so hard to this song. I tried to choose a line to exemplify how I relate to it, but then I ended up basically copying and pasting the whole song. This song inspires me because it reminds me that I'm not alone, even when "I'm on the outside" (aha, I included a concise quote! good job, me.). It reminds me that other people do feel this way too.

11. She Waits For Me to Come Back Down by Donovan Woods and Katie Pruitt
This is one of those songs that just makes me feel all warm inside. The lyrics are sung so passionately and the melody is so beautiful. Someday, I want someone to wait for me to come back down (minus the getting drunk, of course).

12. Just Fine by Desirée Dawson
I'm ending this list with a happy song, because that seems like a good idea. This is another song that is really relatable for me, and also a song that always makes me smile. Sometimes that "part of me that know that I'll be just fine" needs a little prodding, and this is definitely an effective prodder. Apparently I'm also ending this list with weird personfication. Wait, I'm already a person though. Is that still personification?
Did you listen to any of them? How did I do in my attempts at describing them? Please comment; I'd love to talk about any of these songs or any other songs that you enjoy, especially since most of these songs are from indie/alternative artists that the average person wouldn't know of.


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