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"You are gonna get judged about anything you do now. Accept who you are and keep moving forward." - Iann Dior

Hey readers and writers! My name's Nathan, and I am currently living in Fairfield, Connecticut, United States. I enjoy playing tons of sports, reading some good stories, writing stories of my own, and studying to become a marine biologist. I humbly ask you guys to read some of my pieces, and if you do I will try to read your work and give comments.If you want a review from me, just ask!
I recommend checking out wintermagic. She has some really good pieces and loves to give reviews. Make sure to check out ThunderBird(my twin brother IRL), Rohan's Defender, Ash DoodleNinja, and Stone of Jade. They are really talented writers!

Thoughts of a angry world

November 13, 2020

PROMPT: This I Believe

I believe poison is healing.

I believe waves are lonely.

I believe phones are freeing, but freedom always come with a price

I believe dignity is false pride, loyalty is just a fantasy.

Bedtime stories are real, Politicians are killers of everything.

I believe belief is fleeting, thoughts are forever.

I believe love is a painkiller, good in the moment, but tears you apart in the end sometimes.

I believe dolphins are smarter than we think,

They know not to get involved in the absolute crap pile that is humanity.

Why does humanity get its own title?

We are no better than a certain asteroid that destroyed a world full of good, full of potential.

God took a chance on us, Mother Earth looked the other way, Father Ocean absorbs our mistakes and fills with our pollution of fake promises and lies.

The forest's give themselves up to become something that is supposed to give, not take away.

Money is not everything in this world.

2020 has proven that.

Corruption is been rampant, truth a myth of the past.

Guns kill, clubs harm, rights ripped away.
People beg for forgiveness, police are monsters, victims of the very thing they are supposed to protect against.

Take a knee, show your fist, risk your life.

risk your life, call for change, cure the world of the foulness that is hanging over us like the smog clouds in our cities.

This is the world's distress call. Heed it, or you will drown.

It's sink or swim, ladies and gentlemen, and the sharks are hungry.


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