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I am quite new to the atmosphere around here. I am just a 9th grader as of 2020 :) and this is my first blog. I hope to get maximum support from you guys. I am open to all sorts of critique to improvise myself!! Be my fans and I will be yours, well a bigger one :)
Feel free to surf through my work when you find time.
Thank you


November 5, 2020

The sound resonates inside me
My eyes glued to the screen
unaffiliated from the outside world.
My eyes are streaked and brimming red 
from all that brightness emitted ahead.
But I have not a care.


I unplug 
from the mobiles, the gadgets
From the so-called necessity
I unplug and transform
and no longer am I that solitary being.

I heave out a sigh and look around.
The sun shines from above
penetrating my glasses and into my eyes.
The yellow daffodils spread around
like a carpet- unscathed, undisturbed.

The colossally of stars shine down on me
A beautiful black bear,
its fur, as dim as nightfall
and its face like the midnight moon.
A shaft of light and never-ending hope

I hear myself laugh and smile.
Oh! A sound so golden and scarce
I feel gleeful, carefree
I feel elated, exuberant
Oh, I am most certainly on cloud seven.

So unplug yourself
and you too will perceive different
You too will feel elated, exuberant
and you too most certainly will be on Cloud Seven.

So unplug yourself
From the media
from the gadgets
from the gossips, the chatter
And from your social status

Let go!
Let go of being the epitome of ethical 
the paragon of virtue
and the abridgment of righteousness
Let go of the world and be yourself!

Unplug yourself!
From the snare of society
From the grasp of technology
and remain here, 
amidst nature
in Lovingness and Light
So, Unplug Yourself!
Hope you liked this!! <3 <3<3


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