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November 3, 2020


Between millions and billions.
 Two legs,
Four legs, eight arms.
 Gills, fins, tentacles, and pseudopodia.
Life scattered in the troposphere, 
   Somewhere in an unknown address, I breathe.
In the attic, I lie,
 The melanin cells in my hair follicles have died.
  Covered in grime.
Amidst broken furniture, 
 Old books and lab manuals.
Engulfed by chaos,
        In a metal box lies my essence forgotten.  
Scratches on the enamel coating,
    Measuring the days I’ve walked on earth.
Giggles running down the slippery pages of my first book.
    My diary,
The goblet containing my teenage grog.
  Broken wax crayons and empty nail polish bottles.
Wooden beads and pieces of fabric cut from my first birthday dress.
A  marred polaroid picture.
       I keep it close to my cardiomyopathic heart,
I smell cypress in the air today.
                 Clock’s hands spinning nonstop,
And just like that, I wither. 
            Drowned in the sweet caramel lake of oblivion,
With a polaroid picture in my hand.


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  • mirkat

    oh and the whole future thing! amazing idea! there is literally nothing you need to improve on here.... <3

    6 months ago
  • mirkat

    oh my, this is so beautiful! i love the whole inventory of your room but also exploring how and why we humans are here and how much time we really have. the flow and the vocab and the format and the word choice are phenomenal and i love this so freaking much! the last stanza is so.... descriptive and i totally get what you mean by the sweet lake of oblivion. wonderful job! keep writing! <3<3<3

    6 months ago