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"Life sucks, and then you die. Yeah, I should be lucky." -Jacob Black, Breaking Dawn

First Day

October 24, 2020

Today, i went to school. Yeah, surprising since the cases of COVID have only risen since we did online schooling. I'm just really happy that i get to finally see my friends and everybody. I actually felt something other than darkness today. But today wasn't the best, too. Ashlee decided i wasn't good enough for her and dropped the whole group, also the same day that Jada and Kiaya decided to leave the group. So it was only me, Emily, and Kenji. But it was still good. I met all of my new high school teachers. It was kind of an anxiety-filled day, and i had my first anxiety attack in a while. I think that i like Mr. Durham the best, even though he's my least favorite subject. Algebra is actually kind of fun this year, though. Finding the y-intercept isn't as hard as finding x. Of course, x is somewhere on the paper, no matter how hard to find. But math isn't that simple. Art is also really fine. We're only on drawing since it's studio 1, but later in the year, we'll be painting, with watercolors, and I'm hoping to learn some new techniques for my watercolor paintings. Colby was kind of mad at me. Actually, 'kind of' is an understatement. All he said to me was f*ck you. Several times threw out the day. But i want to make it better between us. He has no reason to be mad at me anymore. I do still love him, i realized, and hopefully, he still loves me. School tomorrow is going to be bad, though. Instead of learning about the class, we're gonna have to go over syllabuses and expectations. A day of going over the same rules in every single class. But I'm still thankful that we're not doing online. Online was not for me, it made my mental health more unstable than it already was.
It's all real. I did change a couple of names, but this is from my first day of high school, this year.


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  • doodleninja

    dang you sure went through a lot all on the first day! But kudos to you for writing it all out here; I know writing things out helps me process things better. Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

    6 months ago
  • happygiggles

    I don't really know much about High School, we don't have that here. We have Secondary schools though, I think that's the same thing? We start them at age 12 and finish at 18, I'm in my third year at Secondary school, so I'm 14. I think you start High School at 14? I'm not sure though!

    It sounds like you had a rough first day, I'm really sorry to hear that! Anxiety attacks suck :/ It's good that you're back if you didn't like online school though? Think of all the opportunities High School will bring you! A bad day doesn't mean a bad life, you've got this in the bag! <3

    6 months ago