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Any song by Nickelback and Skillet will get you through, if not the music, the lyrics. I was never a big fan of rock, until now. And remember, keep writing, and keep going. ;)

Rising up in This Time

October 24, 2020

PROMPT: Playlist

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
Because we can all use a little confidence right now.

We Are All We Got by Butterscotch
Because just the title is all we need to get through this as a country.

When we Stand Together by Nickelback
Again, 'we' does not include only one person, but all of us.

Unstoppable by The Score
As one nation, we are all together, and all together, we are unstoppable.

Six Feet Apart by Alec Benjamin
It's so far away, and yet, there's room. And all of this space is leading to things we can't control.

Six Feet Apart by Luke Combs
Because we all miss each other, and just life in general.

Gotta be A Reason by Alec Benjamin
You woke up this morning for a reason. Put your hand on your chest, just a little to the left off-center. Do you feel that? That steady beat, that is the reason you need to keep going right now. ANd always, but mostly just right now.

Reasons to Stay by Kate Vogel
Because if your heartbeat isn't enough, you still need to keep going. Everybody else feels the same way, but their holding on.

Born to be Somebody by Justin Beiber
Because you were born to be, and this world will belong to you. Feel it.

Legendary by Skillet
Don't ever stop, your doing great. Legends are made when faith is strong.

Weight of Living Part 1 by Bastille
We can all feel it, the weight crushing us down just to breathe.

Hall of Fame by The Script
Because i expect to see you there on day, the world will know your name, and they won't forget it.


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  • SunV

    Is it a bad thing that I know only two of these songs?????

    Re: Thank you so much for your comment! That was exactly the kind of tone I was looking for. Thank you once again!

    7 months ago
  • dream02

    Alec Benjamin's songs are all amazing lol.

    7 months ago