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Thank you for reading! Does this follow the prompt? Title ideas are greatly welcomed!

Where Can I? (title idea's?)

October 10, 2020

Where I can see the stars above me,
Where I can hear the birds chirping,
Where I can taste the rain that fell days before,
Where I can smell the dirt from century's ago,
Where I can feel connected to nature,
Where I know dreams will come true,
If I can just keep dreaming.
I don't know if this follows the prompt or not... Thanks for reading! 


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  • acrosstheuniverse28

    Beautiful descriptions of nature! So peaceful and serene! <3

    4 months ago
  • em wilder

    oh this is so sweetand lovely and i want to dream, too! <3

    4 months ago
  • Emi

    Beautiful work here! I love how you talk so much about nature...the smell of dirt especially.

    4 months ago
  • CrazyNinjaKid

    I actually love this so much, it is so poetic and the repetition is really well suited! Also your username is cool as, greatest showman much?!! xD

    4 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    So beautiful!

    4 months ago
  • Anlee

    oooo such beautiful imagery~
    welcome to the wtw community! we're so glad to have such a talented writer join us <33

    4 months ago
  • SunV

    This is really nice! For the title, Cosmic Horror's idea is really nice!

    I love your quote. Dolly Parton is amazing. I personally love her quote 'The way I see it, if you want to see the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain'. Can't wait to see what you have tomorrow!

    Also, this is the first time I've seen you around, so hi! I'm SunV, and I've been on this site for over a year now. I love music, reading, writing and Harry Potter. I think you're relatively new, so welcome to WtW! Feel free to ask me any questions you have!

    Also, is your username from the song 'A million dreams'?

    4 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    Maybe, "Where Can I?" As a title, it really opposes the theme in a slightly whimsical way, but questioning with the intention of the work. Opposition would feel so beautiful to the pure sensory imagery of this piece.

    5 months ago