surreal, but nice

an art of such an exquisite form

June 20, 2020

PROMPT: The Unseen


love does not die. it does not vanish. it does not fade away between two people.
it grows. it blooms. it changes. 
with you.
it is yours.
the love you receive, is not a lucky gift.
it's a magical reflection of your whole being.
don't sit there, drowning in the idea that no one will love you like that anymore.
please, don't.

an art of such an exquisite form as love
does not simply 
fade away
run away from you

it stays. it will always stay.

let that soothe you.


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1 Comment
  • sunny.v

    aw, this is love(see what i did there)ly. just lovely! this really is soothing, so i love that last little line.

    5 months ago