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The things tourists don't know

June 18, 2020

I ride my bike down the highway to the bay.
Passed the blooming hydrangeas, and passed the parking lot
silly tourists stop to see the sun set, they'll take a picture then leave
they will walk barefoot and try to find a shell, but they won't
They flock together where the view they say is best
but I know they will still get someone else's head in the bottom corner of their picture
someone will kick sand in their face as they run to the water
someone will scare away the minnows, and hermit crabs
someone will clap as the sun sinks away, like it was a show and the sun is a paid actor
They do it wrong.
You don't stop because someone else has
You keep going, you keep moving down the road
I'll stop my bike and leave it against a fence
I'll walk down the old blue mats across the marsh
I'll come out onto a sand dune looking down upon a beach
It's not closed to the public, tourists don't know that
Here I am alone
Alone where the ocean meets a river
where the water is shallow, and the waves are calm
Where drift wood and shells have washed up over time
Where horseshoe crabs come
Minnows play, and herring find their way home
I can sit peacefully and watch the sunset, 
but its not dark yet, why go home. 
There's so many things that tourists don't know


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