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My Three Pieces of Wisdom

May 21, 2020

I don't particularly remember any wisdom people have told me, but I do have some of my own.

Remember to forgive. This is something I can always rely on, for some people do not deserve forgiveness. But when someone tries, when someone  wants to do better, if they truly mean it then try to forgive them. After all, we have all made mistakes, but those who strive to do better are more than just their mistakes. Almost anyone can change and you are losing an opportunity for friendship if you throw everything away because of one mistake.

Know what to believe. If something seems ridiculous, then it is more than likely, it is. Don't believe everything everyone says, and don't let it change the way you feel. That being said, if someone is saying something that makes sense to you then perhaps they are right. But if what they are saying is blatant nonsense, there is no need to listen.

Don't mock people for being younger. I am not saying that friendly joking among friends is a bad thing, but know when to stop. This one speaks for itself I think.

This is just some wisdom I have picked up over my thirteen years. 
Hope you like it.


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