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A Black And Wight Cat

May 21, 2020

PROMPT: Creature View

I strut along the road. A dog walks past with it's owner, startling me over a fence. Dogs are not that good at hunting really, but that doesn't stop it from being terrifying, to someone half it's size.
    In the garden where I end up, there is a greenhouse and a chicken coop. A dark-haired teenage girl sits on the lightly sloping lawn, playing with a wight silky chicken. 
   I walk tentatively toward her, weary of a stranger. The girl looks up at me. "Here kitty," she calls, rubbing her fingers together.
    She seems nice enough I guess, so I walk toward her, nudging her side with my head, asking her to pat me. The girl obliges, stroking me gently.
    "Maddi, come it's your guitar lesson," A middle-aged woman calls from the door of the pretty, timeless house.
    The girl-Maddi- smiles apologetically at me. Giving me one last stroke she stands up of the lush grass, and walks across it to the veranda of her house, putting her silky chicken back in it's coop on the way.
    I walk down the lawn towards some stone steps. A ginger cat walks away from me, arching her back. 
    Down the steps is another garden, less manicured, more wild, as if no-one has been down here in a long time. There is a plum tree, it's branches sagging low under the weight of the bug-eaten fruit. Down the end of the garden is a trampoline, no-doubt covered in spiders. The other main thing that my keen eyes notice about the place is the creek; at the bottom of the garden, it can't be more that a meter wide with murky water flowing through it.
    I jump onto a low wall that runs down parallel to the creek. 
    Sitting on the wall I preen for a few minutes. Then deciding that this is not the place for such things, I jump the creek into the garden next door, and this place becomes a memory.
    I will undoubtedly return here, to visit the girl, and to enjoy this beautiful if slightly melancholy place. 
So this is written from the perspective of a black and wight cat I saw once. It is set in Christchurch New Zealand.
Thanks for reading. : ) 


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