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Message to Readers

It's hard to get across how much of a disgrace we are and how much we owe to science, but I did the best I could. Any advice on how to improve this would be much appreciated!

All Our Deepest Regrets and Love

May 16, 2020

PROMPT: Dear Science

Dear Science

We have come a long way together. You have opened the door to our universe; to depths of understanding that we could never have imagined. You have spun our world inside out and back to front and inspired hope in us when we thought we had lost everything. You have told us the truth.

Now it is time to say thank you.

We were unlikely candidates for scientists, perhaps. Ugly, gangly, bald things. Still, you raised us as your own and watched us take our very first steps to the beginnings of a new existence. You nurtured us; kindled our fires; nursed us tenderly when we fell ill. Nature was our nursery. We ran free amongst the long grass, through forests and meadows. We marvelled and still marvel at the complexity and shear beauty of it all and you answered and still answer our every quizzical question with the purest parental pride. We never did stop asking why. 

So you fed our curiosity. You watched us fondly as we played, children still, with our first flames, stone and bronze; curious creatures; boats; wheels; levers; magnifying glasses and telescopes; light-bulbs; fossils; computers; chemicals in every colour and shade; rockets; microscopes and particle accelerators; all the while instilling in us the thirst for knowledge and exploration and a stubborn determination to improve. It wasn't long before we fledged our celestial nest, gripping your hand tightly all the way.

But it hasn't always run smoothly. We are difficult children; squabbling siblings blinded by an insatiable yearning for power. We used the tools and skills you lovingly taught us to destroy. We hit back with atom-splitting rage, eyes averted to the damage inflicted on people we deemed different to ourselves. We ravaged the planet we cling to, taking more than our fair share until there was nothing left to take. Now we bear the scars we gouged out of ourselves: marks of shame burnt into fragile skin.

Still you loved us; you dried our tears and set us back on shaky feet time and time again. From fear there grew unity. We looked to you, all of us (lots of us) together, to lead the way to a better future; shared what you had given us; put together fractured pieces of understanding to form a vision for a world restored. There is hope still; you've told us that before. We didn't listen, though.

You were never one to lie to us, though we haven't always understood. Our grasp of your tongue is basic, still: we're too deafened by our pride, or lost too long ago to ever trust you again. But we can't survive on our own. We are sick now. We are dying. Our world has come crashing down around us and we cry and cry and cry for relief. We're sorry. We're so, so, sorry. Will you take us in? Will you show us the light once more?

All our deepest regrets and love,


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  • Emi

    It's interesting how you personify science in this way, almost as if it was a deity you are praying to. Very cool take on the prompt.

    5 months ago
  • thisiswhoiam

    @Tushar Mandhan I have never been interested in biology (I'm now doing a physics degree) BUT now I'm in quarantine and I have become a lot more interested in biology in general. I'm starting to wish I had done it in school :( I guess I'll just have to get reading

    5 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    I really loved your letter! I'm also obsessed with biology and human anatomy in general.

    5 months ago
  • joella

    science isn't my area of expertise but you did an amazing job getting this message across!

    5 months ago
  • Cressida

    This piece does a really excellent job of showing how people have gone towards science as a way of feeding our every-expanding curiosity, but science/how we use it kind of always takes a turn for the worst when we use it for more... selfish, harmful reasons. And your previous comment wasn't directed at me, but I think it would be awesome if you wrote some pieces about sciencey things! Science and writing seem like an unlikely duo, but they work!
    I'll definitely be back here to write a review on this (might take some time since it is AP/exam season....). Wonderful work!

    5 months ago
  • thisiswhoiam

    Hi Ollie! Thank you for reading my piece. Don't worry about not knowing a lot about science, I am strongly believe that science should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of education or knowledge. I might try writing some pieces which explain really interesting sciencey things in a simple (maybe a little artistic) way. Would that interest you?

    5 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Amazing! You really know a lot about science, unlike me. I am horrible at it.

    5 months ago