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May 14, 2020

Oscar wilde is my inspiration because of many reasons. I got to know this guy from a book called the moonlight dreamers. I read one of his quotes" be yourself, everybody else is already taken" and i felt like all my thoughts and feelings about the issues of life were submerged in this quote. I think you cannot get anywhere in life if you're not yourself. You can try to copy someone but you cannot wholly be them. If everyone starts copying eachother there will be nothing in the world which would be new. We all have something special in us and if we don't let it out and show it to the world we're just wasting and rusting our capabilities and talents. In this way, we do nothing for ourselves or for the world. Another thing i like that my mother tells me is that" you're intelligent enough to get an admission in the Oxford university, it's just that you don't use this intelligence and you don't work as hard as you're capable of working." This probably might seem like a motherly rant but it has a deep and logical meaning. But even facts prove it, it is true that we have alot of brain power and we use really less of it. Now im not saying that we should drive ourselves crazy by trying to use more brain power than we're capable of. But we can still put in all of our efforts to achieve our goals. And to get somewhere. I know this is getting to long and i literally just put two advices under one topic but there is one more really meaningful thing that Oscar wilde said. In his novel, the picture of Dorian gray, he quoted:“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” And this is so true. All the world knows the price of the newest cellphone. Or the trendy dress. But not most of us know the value of a random smile we pass to a stranger. We don't know, if he might be having a bad mood and our smile made his day. Or the value of the little moments between us and our loved ones. Or the value of the kindness we show to others. Or of the water that we unknowingly waste, the time that we unknowingly waste. This also may be an everyday rant but i think it's a thing to think about. It doesn't take much time to smile at someone, or say a kind word, or maybe try to save as much water as we can. And put our time in more productive things. All of this just doesn't help other people or the world. If you think of it that way, it also helps us and our future.
 And those were the three best advices i was given by important people. I hope they help you.


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  • sunny.v

    "you're intelligent enough to get an admission in the Oxford university, it's just that you don't use this intelligence and you don't work as hard as you're capable of working" man...anyways haha you worded this so so nicely! it wasn't a grand speech but it was a good chunk of advice. thanks for your thoughts!! ^-^

    5 months ago
  • And_The_Stars_Laughed

    Yes, I love this advice -- especially the first one! I love the quote "Be yourself, everybody else is already taken." Thanks for writing this, awesome job! :)

    5 months ago