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October 16, 2020

Dear Journey,

    Do you like my play on words? You're a journal, right, and so I was going to nickname you "Journie" but I changed the spelling to "Journey." Like a travel through my life. I've been keeping you since I was eight years old, so you've seen all my early teenage angst and stupid self-obsession. Luckily, I am over that by now, and ready to begin a new life as a mature young girl.
    Today was an all right day. I had a very creepy dream. I dreamt I was in my church, babysitting a few little girls from the nursery with my sister. Suddenly I heard God telling me to get out, to get away from there at once. Frightened, I obeyed, grabbing my charges and hoisting the littler one on my back. As I rushed out to leave, I heard gunshots, and realized there were shooters in the church. I ran, carrying the one little girl on my back while my sister followed. The eldest girl was separated from me, but I could not look back. I went to go hide in a dirty area of the town. I don't know why I would do that; that would be stupid. But I begged these two young men if I could hide in their house, saying there were shooters after me. They agreed, though reluctantly. But then one of the shooters arrived, and shot one of them. I tried to shield the little girl with my body, but we were both shot, as well as the other man. I remember being so frightened when the bullet hit me...then I woke up.
    It was not a very nice way to begin the day. I am used to occasionally having action-filled dreams, but this one was especially disturbing because it felt so real. But I tried to forget it, and got dressed quickly. After a breakfast of rice krispies and a clementine, I headed back to my room to begin school.
    Well, actually, I really spend an hour to two hours on Wattpad updating stories. I wanted to put some photos on my stories to perhaps get more readers. So I wasted two or three hours looking up photos on the Internet for my books, instead of doing calculus like I was supposed to. By the time I was done, it was lunchtime. Here I had a lunch of pasta and blueberries.
    When I finally got back to some semblance of work, I ended up texting my cousin for another thirty minutes, and scheduling a FaceTime call. I reasoned that we were both bored of not socializing much, and needed to talk. Besides, we wanted to plan a get-together for this summer. After promising her I would work hard until four, when we would FaceTime, I tried to get some calculus done.
    That went well for maybe thirty minutes. I am not very good at math, and had to keep looking at the example problems in the book to see how to do them on the worksheet. And I kept getting distracted because I was thinking about my writing. Finally, I looked up some writing websites some friends had recommended to me. It happened to be Write the World, and I figured I might as well create an account, because it looked more geared for teenagers than Wattpad.
    By the time I was done with that, and publishing a few stories on Wattpad, it was nearly four, so I FaceTimed my cousin. We chatted for three hours, while I tried to do calculus on the side. Needless to say, I didn't get much done. However, we did schedule a time to get together this summer, coronavirus or no coronavirus! As soon as I am done with school in a few weeks, I will probably have her over to my house for a week to stay and hang out. Because I have had almost no social time for the last few months, I am so excited to get together with her. Plus, she hasn't been to stay at my house for years because her mom is really protective of her. I can't wait!
    The rest of my day was mostly planning out the details with my mom, watching a television show, and practicing AP Biology questions with my sister. Oh, and finally, writing here on Write the World.
    I'm looking forward to the next weeks so I can finish school and have my cousin over!



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  • Anne Blackwood

    Dang I think we'd get along really well girl. You're so cool, and we kinda have the same vibe (if that makes any sense).

    11 months ago
  • acrosstheuniverse28

    Scary dream!!! I hate dreams like that...
    Replying: Thank you for your comments on "Land of Dreams"! I might have to run with your idea of making it a full story/epic poem! ;)

    11 months ago