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18 (sadly :( I don't want to leeeaavve noooo)
pronouns unspecified
that's for you to decide I guess
physics student with a
tiny dream of being a writer too so
enjoy my words or something :)

Message to Readers

I played around a lot with the positions of words in the stanzas and the places where new lines start to try and get the rhythm to feel right. Do you think its right or would you change anything?

Ps worms are cool xx

All Due Thanks to the Worms

May 13, 2020

there are creatures who defy death itself
drag it deep down into the darkness
chew it up and spit out

life, bodies convulsing
with the effort of it all and
without it all you wouldn't exist so

you bury your face in blades of biological sunlight
and breathe out thanks
to the worms


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  • acrosstheuniverse28

    Love it! I think it flows really nicely! Worms are weird but amazing creatures ;)

    7 months ago