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Life on Spaceship Earth

May 8, 2020

PROMPT: Spaceship Earth

Who here is tempted to just sit back, and do barely anything, except watching videos, with the occasional bit of work? Sleeping whenever, eating whenever, without any sort of life structure?

All right, I admit that this does not really describe me, at least most of the time, and that is at least partially because I get a good chunk of work to do from other people. And in many ways, this work has been good for me, and it has prevented me from becoming a passenger.

When you are a passenger, you do not interact with the outside world for good. You do not do work to help the world, or even yourself. You just sit back, and let the world go around without you. It is kind of weird, and can get boring. Being a passenger is an easy way to become miserable, with all of the solutions in plain sight, but disguised as ways to get even more miserable. Doing mental and physical work might just seem like too much, and thus life remains miserable, with absolutely no point.

Now it is time to see what life can be like as a crew member. Crew members do work - physical and mental. Crew members have a purpose to life - they make the spaceship function. Crew members do not just do this by work - they also talk with other crew members. Crew members have structure to life - in space and time. They do still get to kill some time with whatever, but not all time, or even half. They have spaces for doing whatever, but they also have spaces for working, exercising, chatting with other crew members, and more. Not only do crew members have lives with structure - they have lives with variety.

It can be hard to turn from a passenger to a crew member without some other crew member forcing it. One of the reasons for this is that while passengers may recognize the life of crew members as good, they do not recognize the generators of the crew members lives. They do not realize that work can drastically improve life, as well as how structure gives rise to variety. But, if you are a passenger and you recognize that you are, and you want a good life as a crew member, just start working. Or you can view work as something that will just drain you more, and leave the idea of working alone. You will remain a passenger until you are forced to work.

Are you a passenger, or a crew member? If you are a crew member, is it because you are self motivated, being forced to work, other, or a combination? Comment your answers, and have a great day on Spaceship Earth.


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