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Message to Readers

I've tried to write this in my own words as it were, instead of how I usually write when I'm being creative. Its not so flowery, and so hopefully it feels more like a diary.

New Beginnings

April 29, 2020

Today I went for a walk. I was alone, my sister having been out once already today, and so I was quiet. Sometimes on walks like these I take the time to hear my feet clap the pavement, to slow my breathing, to search for my edges and will myself into existence again.

Today instead of footsteps the cheerful chirps of goldfinches and competitive whistles of three or maybe four blackbirds were audible above the houses. There were no cars spluttering up the hill, nor were there any people around - not this late in the day - so it was just me and the birds and a few ants on the tarmac. The air was still but not lifeless, and it smelled of spring and new beginnings.

The hum of bumble bees busying themselves among the cherry blossoms greeted me when I reached the graveyard. As the gate clanged shut behind me I caught sight of the peak of Ben Lomond, as bright and and sharp as I have ever seen it, standing majestic over the Campsie Hills and a smogless city below. And then the world felt settled somehow, as though it had come home.


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