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The title is taken from one of my favourite books, The Adventures of Rusty by Ruskin Bond. I though the line really went with the current situation...

After the Wars are Over...a Butterfly will still be beautiful...

April 26, 2020

The sky was a canvas of  glittering jewels shining above the moonlit roads. My feeble fingers clutched to the window sill to let my body lean into the gorgeous mystique of  Kolkata under the stars- something that I'd never seen before.  Kolkata had been always been a vast crowd for me- from the dusty railway stations, to the smoky Park Street . Along the broken pavements, under the  ancient  crossovers smoldering  with cars, lived a small family. Their clothes clinging to their bodies like a couple a dirty warplasts, they worked day and night at the nearby factory , just to bring home some rice for their little ones.  Now, leaning out of the window sill I could see them coming through our gate , Dad bringing their rear. A flame of hope flickered through the window sill as a smile spread through my lips.

Because after the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful...
The last line is a famous quote from Ruskin Bond:)


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