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I'm Rylee Anne, I am currently doing school from home because of this pandemic.
I am (hopefully) a future actress or writer.
I am the captain of my schools Field Hockey team and I also do Track!
I hope y'all like my writing or have any comments!

Message to Readers

Fixed the other typos haha!!

No Matter What, You Can Always Write!

April 23, 2020

You could be writer of Fiction, create the worlds that dance in your mind,
the story could be short with less than three lines.

Or maybe write a Novella with 30 to 50 thousand words,
possibly a Novel that is about the birds!

Do Scripts and Screenplays play a part for you?
Lets not forget being a planner do you want to dive into something new?

Take up Nonfiction creating to bring the facts one by one.
Journalism may strike your fancy, write about the moon and the sun!

True Crime the sub-genre is a fascinating passion.
A book out of anyone, as an Autobiographer you can fashion.

You could be a rising Content Creator,
with Articles and Blog posts about dealing with the haters!

Also there is Marketing and Advertising writers,
of course you could be a Technical composer, then we would know who was the real exciter!

No matter what, you can always write 
Whether it's Fiction or Poetry or just texting Goodnight!


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