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i'm here i'm queer and also kinda tired but not
i don't know what i'm writing most of the time but we don't talk about that
love yourselves you beautiful hoomans <3333

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If you have questions I cannot answer them as I do not know the answers either - I don't think things through they just happen at 5 in the morning after I haven't slept at all sorry

Bird's Eye View

April 4, 2020

PROMPT: Creature View

    There's something off about the world, but she just can't place it. It's... quiet, peaceful. Odd. Flying around, she realizes how many animals are roaming about. 
    Forget about it... go have fun with your friends, her mother had said. And she tried, she really did. But it bothered her, how quiet the world was.
    Normally the humans were all over the place, talking, scaring her friends... the humans! But... where were they? They had completely disappeared, and only sometimes would she catch a glimpse of one of the small ones, staring longingly out of the strange clear wall. Not even the loud furry mini-wolves came out to play anymore. Of course, the ever graceful... cat? was always watching, staring through the clear wall. But no humans.
    It's not that she didn't enjoy the silence. The humans had driven all wildlife out, and taken over their homes. She was glad that they had finally disappeared. But she had gotten used to it, and now it felt strange, not having to constantly be on the lookout for the especially loud ones. She had heard that across the big blue not-land, the water had cleared and the animals had returned to the cities. The air was fresher, and sometimes even the shiny-sky-things could be seen.
    Of course, she knew that the humans would return. But, as she flew around, happily watching all her friends play around and relax, she decided to leave that matter for another day.
idk don't question it it's almost 5AM

one of the small ones are children
the mini-wolves are dogs
cats are cats
the especially loud ones are hunters/animal control???
big blue not-land is ocean/sea
shiny-sky-things are stars
(wanted to say just in case hehe)


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