"Words can sting like anything but silence breaks the heart"

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Okayy people important:
Remember that novel kind of thing i was writing? Miracle inn? Well then I stopped. Why? Partly because Im lazy but also because I didn't find it good enough. It was missing details and stuff. So, now I will be fixing it up. Like not on wtw, because it gets complicated but I wont be completing it because it still needs a lot of work. If anyone is dreading this and wants to kill me, just let me know and i'll tell you the plot and ending. I know im very nice.
Also, checkout Karma's_Coming: Reagan and Caspian series because its THE best.
And, I love you all :)

Never the same, but always...me

April 3, 2020


Dear me,
You will change,never for someone but for yourself, to see the better in you and make the best out of yourself, to get rid of everything you did to hurt yourself. You will accept yourself and show the world who you truly are, you will never be a fake and you will stand confidently with your pros as well as your cons. after facing a global pandemic, a climate crisis and a time of destruction. You will try to create a better world for the future generations. You will learn from the mistakes you made all this time and you will correct them. You will live life to the fullest and realise every dream you ever dreamt. You will do the craziest things if they make you happy and when you're finally done with this life... You will leave this world as a pure and content soul. 
                                                                                                       With love, me...


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