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Hope (and it's many other names)

April 3, 2020

PROMPT: Playlist

Drive by Raiche
This song shows that anyone be accomplished individually, go do something that drives you to thrive.

One Love
Bob Marlley & The Wailers
This song is all about getting together with one another in the toughest of times.

Here Comes the Sun
The Beatles
Just remember that even though the world is quiet right now, the sun will come soon.

Tomorrow Comes Today
While I don't know the true meaning of this song, I think all of the hope comes from the title.

My Girl
The Temptations
This song shows that even on the hardest days, there is sunshine. During this pandemic, we all need to remember that there is still sunshine, even if where you are, it's raining.

The Lumineers
The entire song, I always wait, and wait, for a vocalist to come in. When the song is over, I realize I should have just noticed the beauty of it. So, be patient with the pandemic.

Get Up Offa That Thing
James Brown
Get up and dance a little to this one, "shake 'till you feel better." If you listen to this one enough, maybe you'll be motivated to do what you want.

Queen Latifah
We all just need to remember that during these times, we need to stand in unity, don't forget the things that are important.

Don't Worry Be Happy
Bobby McFerrin
When I was little, my dad would always make me sing this one when I was worried. Be happy during these times.

Twist and Shout
The Beatles
Dance around, remember, this will be over.

Feel It Still
Portugal. The Man
Try to remember all of the good things that happened before this in life. Then feel it.

I Will Survive
Gloria Gaynor
Just listen I guess.


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