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I think that no one sucks at writing, the first draft is always going to be messy and criticized, but the best writers pull through it and revise their writing until they believe its perfect.

Dear me, from yourself

April 3, 2020


Dear me,
           I want you to inspire at least ten people the week you get this to do the one thing they love. I want you to spread hope, kindness, and faith throughout your town and wherever you go. I want you to stay positive and help take care of at least three people or animals. I want you to take in an animal and begin to foster them. I want you to start a garden and go to college. I want you to do these things because it will make you become a better version of yourself and better the world around you. I need you to take care of papa and mema, take care of your brother, and find your half-sister. I need you to share your stories and past. I need you to forgive what others have done to you. 
   I need you to move on and aspire to be the best you can be. I need you to do a lot, I know, but you'll feel better for it later. I hope you do help that child that is going through the same thing you did, I want you to help everyone. Even if they aren't kind to you, still help them. I hope you get this message, I hope you listen to it. I hope you follow my directions and move on. I hope the virus that is plaguing the world right now, is gone. Go back home, see your family, and do everything you can to make them feel happy. Stay positive, keep going, and inspire others. Most importantly, love yourself and don't doubt yourself. Always trust your instincts.
   The pandemic is horrible, people are hoarding all they can in their homes. I saw a homeless dog the other day, no one is going to help it. Kids that need to be adopted will be homeless and not trusted throughout this. All the thieves will be stealing things, bank robberies may happen a lot, and murders might happen even more just to get food. I hope that these things haven't happened wherever you are in the future. I hope when you read this, that you heed my advice and can say that none of that happened and that the pandemic is gone. Everything I wrote in the beginning is a great thing to do, especially after this upheaval. We are on lockdown right now, I'm getting bored. I want you to have an adventure everyday, or at least once a month.  
                                               from yourself, age 13 
My mema is my grandma, by the way. I couldn't say grammy or nana when I was younger so it was mema.


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