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Dear Science

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In an unprecedented act of cross-continental collaboration, scientists around the GLOBE are working 24/7 to solve the same problem. From the doctors and nurses who are saving lives in our hospitals, to biologists and chemists pulling all-nighters in the lab as they explore potential treatments and vaccines, the world is learning just how essential science and scientists are.

“Covid-19 shows that we must trust in science to solve problems,” says Delaney Reynolds, a 20-year-old marine science student at the University of Miami and the founder of Sink or Swim, a project that educates Floridians about sea-level rise. “Today, more than ever, science and scientists are the key to our collective futures,” Reynolds says. And today, more than ever, science is transcending politics and bragging rights to advance the common good. 

For this prompt, dear writers, compose a letter to a particular scientist, or—for an extra challenge!—to science as a discipline, highlighting, saluting, or celebrating the impact of science on you, your community, or humanity as a whole.

P.S. If applicable, remember to cite your sources. If you're writing to a specific scientist, for example,  it would be great to cite an article about that person for interested readers.