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Being in your home and feeling at home are two different phenomena, or can be. In 1857, Thoreau wrote this about finding himself—that is ‘feeling at home’—not in his house, but in the natural world: 
“… alone in distant woods or fields… I come to myself, I once more feel myself grandly related, and that the cold and solitude are friends of mine… I come to my solitary woodland walk as the homesick go home… It is as if I always met in those places some grand, serene, immortal, infinitely encouraging, though invisible, companion, and walked with him.”
Where do you “come to yourself”, dear writers? What place or activity invites you back to who you are? Do you feel a sense of homecoming when you are in a particular environment? Listening to a song? In your grandfather’s garden? Holding a paintbrush? Reading a book?
And, most importantly, how are you finding this sense of “home” amidst the Covid-19 pandemic?
In a short reflection, describe where and when you feel most at home within yourself.