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Ten Words to You

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Australia, India, Singapore, United States, Italy, South Africa, United Arab Emirates...

Amidst a global pandemic, so many of us are confined (mostly) to our homes as we unite together against the Covid-19 virus. And yet, here at Write the World, we are not alone. Our community hails from all over the globe, crossing political borders and time zones, oceans and deserts, to converge in the world of words. Imagine all the places from which we write each day!

In TEN WORDS, tell us where you are. This can be a sentence (or two), or a list of words, or fragments and phrases. With just ten words in your bank, you must choose carefully, sketching your world in a handful of letters. 

We've included 'Ten Words to You' poems by young writers and former Write the World members Hanan Adi, Opal and Ella Hambleton for inspiration! 

Panorama of My Homesand 
by Hanan Adi (United Arab Emirates) 

Sand, sunbaked
bungalows, shawarma
Mimosa cooing, 
minaret calling.

Home Landscape 
by Opal (New Zealand)

White splash—
Our house hidden in 
green tones. 

Afternoon Australia 
by Ella Hambleton (Australia) 

Lorikeets screeching,
Peeling eucalyptus. 
Crackling leaves 
under my feet.