3983531 saitama a.k.a. one punch man by 8bitsaitama




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i am trying to show not tell

Timed depression

February 9, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Minute


GROUP: Flash Fiction

The ticking of the clock and scrawling of lead across paper was deafening. The moisture coating my palms only comfirmed my nerves. In a sea of lowered, motionless heads, the only movement detected was frantic scribbling onto scripts. The desperation saturated room was suffocating, stripping the room of all life. All persons in the room were adorned in a dull uniform, mindlessly scratching on their papers. The unmarked expense on my paper loomed over me and the hands of the clock threatened to end its journey. "10 seconds," the dictator announced. I unclasped my pencil, choosing to accept my imminent doom in liberation.


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