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I'm Corbin and I'm here to help expand and work on my writing skills! I'm currently working on a book, and have ideas and plans for others that I hope to write in the future!

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It's nice to escape to another place sometimes, even if you have to spend hours writing that place into existence!

The Watcher In The Tree

December 23, 2018

PROMPT: Borrowed Title


GROUP: Flash Fiction

Everyday he stared below at the strange fleshy beings and their monotone lives. Day in and day out doing the same things, never changing, no excitement. He watched from the branches attempting to gain a better understanding of these creatures. What joy was brought to them by doing this simply boring things? Some days, he wondered if he should fly down and attempt to converse with them, but then he would recall how they rarley even talk to one another. Yes, their lives were monotone, one's of little to no joy. Yet, he enjoyed watching them. Perhaps it was the difference in the way they got around or his own intrigue and want to understand why they don't bother to change. They didn't fly like he did, nor did they attempt to collect new shiny items to store in their large nest. Perhaps it was these things, or perhaps it was because his own life was rather monotone, and he wanted to feel better about it. Ever since he had discovered these beings, he stopped doing everything else and had fallen into the same routine everyday, just as the humans did. A monotone life being watched by a monotone crow.


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