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I love reading works out of interest and try my own luck in this magic called writing. Mythologies keep my body always up for more, I love the craziest most unusual books. Being Indian sucks in many ways yet I like it here. I'm one Indian weirdo.

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People come and people go, some etching permanent marks into your life, others for temporary show. Sometimes you end up with physical scars that end up as mental scars, sometimes those mental scars rise out as physical scars. Harm, pain and sacrifices are always on your way, that's what life is. Among all the self-torture are those other tortured souls you call friends, those funny, crazy, weirdly amazing people. With them by your side, you are never lonely and once you kill that feeling of loneliness, all the heavy burden from life is lifted a little and hope is created in your life. Kindle that with your friends and never lose them cause' losing friends is like losing hope, and a hopeless battle is one you're destined to lose.

Mom's Promise

December 14, 2018

PROMPT: Beginish


GROUP: Flash Fiction

The stab wound was deep and I knew she wouldn't last longer. Her eyes, those green emeralds were glistening with tears as few rolled down her cheek. Her head was resting on the ground, blood gushing out of her body staining the white top I bought her. I still remember that day. That day was when everything changed. " Do it Aaron, you have to, you promised. You have to kill me.", she said in a low voice. I lifted her body and threw it into the lake. And I dived in after her.
I killed her. I killed my mom.

Josie was the name of my last target. I could see it all flash, in that moment underwater I could see all my life flow past me.I remember her joy when I got my college seat, although I kept insisting it was costly and we didn't have the money. She didn't tell me where the money came from, but she had it ready. If I had only known then.

Time passed, I graduated, I joined the armed forces. I was a trained tactician and fearless fighter who fell in love with a fellow comrade. We got married, and soon learnt we couldn't give birth hence we adopted Sara as an infant. I wanted to give them everything just like my single mother who gave me her everything.

War came to our front. Marie stayed with my mother during the war. I went out, came back scarred and with slight injuries. I came back to embrace the three women of my life but soon learnt about how my wife and daughter were killed. My heart broke and bled, I mourned their deaths till dry tears came out, I was devastated. My mother came, I got her a white top on my way back, and a nice dress for Maria and a cute outfit for Sara who would now have been two. My mother made me promise to avenge their deaths no matter what. 

I learnt about the gang that killed them. I drew out connections, I played my game. I learnt how Maria figured the connections my mother had with the gang. I killed every other one until my mother was the only standing person. "Remember your promise Aaron, don't break it", she said smiling. I don't break promises. That's not what my mom taught me. And I killed her.


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