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The Lost Ladybug

December 14, 2018

PROMPT: Lost and Found


GROUP: Flash Fiction

    In my owner's imagination, I could do anything, like fight invisible dragons in the backyard. I still remember the day I got lost. Her mom told her to come inside, so she shoved me in her pocket as she skipped toward the house. The ride was so bumpy, soon I felt myself flying out and landing on the hard ground, as she disappeared into the house, oblivious. I thought she'd be back for me, but I never expected the beast would come out of the house before her, miles of fur covering her muscular body, her teeth razor sharp. 
    I know it was cowardly, but I didn't want to get eaten. I ran, slipping out of the backyard into the vast meadow beyond. I was so paranoid that the beast was storming after me I didn't stop until I too exhausted to move another inch. There I stayed for a while, until fate swept me on my way.
    Horrible, unspeakable adventures followed me, but I eventually made my way back. She was older, at least three years, and outgrew me soon after, but I was home. I'm still with her today, safe, in case she wants to play again someday.


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1 Comment
  • Johanna

    This is such a cute story... you've already done really well with 200 words!

    about 1 year ago