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I'm a big traveler who likes to explore the world, even though I'm only 14. I enjoy participating in extra curricular activities like band, basketball, chorus, swing choir, and scholastic bowl. I enjoy creative writing and want to expand my horizon.

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I appreciate feedback because i would like to expand my horizon and write out of my comfort zone.

The Panic Room

January 26, 2016

PROMPT: 26 Sentences


GROUP: Flash Fiction

Ash and fire, all through the room.
Because of you, because of you.
Call someone, we need help.
Do you understand?
Every single thing on fire.
Falling everywhere.
Go get help, we need it now.
I don't think we're going to make it.
Just you wait and see.
Kill me, kill me now.
Let me not suffer.
More ashes and more fire.
Never ending, through the room.
Open fire, open fire.
Pleading to stop was me.
Quiet finally throughout the room.
Rushing in the help has come.
Saving us finally.
Thinking about what happened today.
Ultimately, I have no clue.
Very much thought it was your fault.
Were you mad or something.
Xenial, I thought we had.
You should've known better.
Zero, you are and nothing better.


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