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This is my story, I thought it would be fun to take a totally different direction in where the author went with this one, and decided it might be cool to make it like a greek myth, enjoy

The book was: Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

The Untold Tale to Kill the gods

November 21, 2018

PROMPT: Unlikely Places


GROUP: Flash Fiction

Iker will come back. Have faith. The gods will protect him. He will travel home a proud warrior. That was what they all said. Every. single. one. They were wrong. Iker was gone. And it was all their fault. 
These people had faith in the gods, yes. The gods who were said to know all things. To be all merciful and powerful and kind. Well if that was true then why was Iker gone? And they couldn't see all things if they let him die.
Zeus was said to be all powerful. Athena was the wisest. Apollo the god of healing and medicines. Where were they when Iker died.
How could this be wise. If Zeus was all powerful then how come he couldn't stop this. If Apollo was father and creator of medicines then how come he couldn't save Iker. Even with his war wounds. They all let Iker die. Did nothing, nothing to stop it. Stop Paris from taking Helen. Stop this war from happening. Stop Iker from getting wounded. Stop Iker from dying. 
Now it was up to her to set things right. To avenge Iker. To kill those who said he would be fine and stopped her from trying to keep Iker out of the war. To kill the rulers who decided to start a war involving innocents.
It was up to her, Alaina of Sparta, to bring justice. Iker was gone. It was there fault, and now she was on an impossible mission. She was going to kill the gods.


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  • Quille

    Wow! I hope you plan to write more on this, I would be very interested to read it :DD
    Love it!

    12 months ago