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Message to Readers

The story I got the first line from was called “Courage”, by Barbara Binns. Thanks for reading and hope you Iike it! :D

She’s Gone

November 20, 2018

PROMPT: Unlikely Places


GROUP: Flash Fiction

I look at the screen, and what I see makes my jaw drop.
”No,” I say in horror. “No no no! This isn’t possible!”
I run from the room, nearly running into the door in the process. 
My best friend. 
We played together every summer, sat with each other during lunch at school, had endless sleepovers. 
I remember her green-and-yellow-and-blue hair, the way she dyed it in 7th grade with the fear that her mom would get mad (she didn’t). 
One day, she came to school with a shirt covered in taped-on ketchup bottles...and she laughed when she got teased. 
She had bad times too, though. 
When she went on her first date, only to find out that he skipped out on her for another girl, and she came to my house for a shoulder to cry on. 
When her cat died, and she never got another pet out of sadness and respect for Matilda. 
But now I’ll  never eat lunch with her again, laugh over her brother’s reaction to her eyes rolling back. 
I won’t ever continue our plans to visit England on our 21st birthdays. 
I’ll never see her again. 
Because she’s gone. 
Hit by a car because of her fearlessness to do anything. 
And I will never forget. 


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