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January 29, 2019



GROUP: Flash Fiction

It was a miracle... 
It was the happiest day for the young couple, as their last chapter ended and another started, introducing them to a new character, setting them in new places, giving them more adventures, gifting them with more smiles, laughs, and joy.
That is how much he changed their lives. 
The boy born. 
He looked nothing like his parents; one eye, in the right light, changing between blue and green, as if undecided. They had silver flecks, like the sun shining off the surface of the ocean. That is what they looked like. There was no doubt, Poseidon had definitely put the ocean in his right eye. However, his left eye contrasted to the warm look of the right. This eye could freeze the driest of deserts. It was the colour of icebergs. In the right light it would change between a really light blue and a light silver. One eye as warm as a beach, the other as cold as the frozen seas of the Earth's poles. 
His hair, not yet long enough to find that it would be harder to tame than to reach the end of a rainbow. It would grow to resemble the darkest of chocolate, flowing down the side of his head like said chocolate was being poured on him from the heavens. However, only the most observant eyes would be able to spy the pitch-black streak of black, flowing down the right side of his head. 
His smile, the oh so perfect smile. it was brighter than the flames of the sun. It warmed the hearts of all who bear witness to it. It would unconsciously make them smile too. His smile, anyone who saw it, was instantly pulled from the deepest, darkest depths and into the light. It was definitely the work of Hera, pulling them from the depts. 
His sun kissed skin, soft to the touch. So soft, one would not be able to keep their hands away. Surely, this was a gift from the goddess Aphrodite, the fair lady of beauty. It was certain, not even she could compare to his heavenly skin. It was just impossible, as if he were born to be a god. His elegant beauty made all those who saw him, drop to their knees.
His voice... His voice... so deep and gentle. As if the heavens were speaking through him. His voice... capable of calming someone from their most distressed state, granted his beauty didn't already do it. His voice... always so positive. His voice... so charming, capturing all who hear. His voice... as comforting as a child's security blanket, as comforting as a mother's soft words, as comforting as a father's warm embrace.
He was a miracle. He was a new chapter. He was strong. He was smart. He was courageous. He was patient. He was calm. He was kind. He was persistent. He was selfless. He was passionate. He was supportive. He was...


Their hero was finally reborn.
Just because I felt like making a description of someone. And because its science class. Haha. Enjoy.


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