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Daughters of Shadows: Freshman year (Revised)

September 16, 2018



GROUP: Flash Fiction

    Gray fog covers the whole USC campus. With a rare blood moon in the sky, it definitely puts people on edge. But, tonight of all nights, is when a new member joins Daughters of Shadows or DOS for short.
DOS is the only female sorority in the campus known for their mysterious deeds. No one quite knew what they did for fun or what went on in their club. Some people liked to believe the members are demonic while others just think they are different in a good way.
 On this crisp night, Cecily Andrews is being offered a spot in the DOS. It is a big deal since she is the first freshman to be offered this. After many nights debating to join or not, she decided that she would. Cecily, with her short blonde hair and light blue eyes, wears a coat and boots as she navigates the foggy campus.
Cecily, with the aide of the street lamps, makes it to DOS house. This house is more of a mansion from the 1950's, with its gloomy dark gray paint, dust, and cobwebs. But yet, it is beautiful.
Cecily takes a deep breath to calm down. Her breathe appears in front of her. Cecily makes it up the creaky stairs and to the door. Before she can open the door, it swings open to a pitch black hallway.
Cecily gulps. She doesn't think and just enters the house before she changes her mind again. The door closes behind her making everything dark. 
Cecily stays glued to her spot. Right before she turns to leave, one by one candlelight surrounds her. Cecily swears the candles are being held in the thin air, but then once her eyes adjust, she sees that people in dark cloaks hold the candles.
The candlelight illuminates around Cecily in a circle. One figure walks up to Cecily.
"Cecily Andrews, we are honored to make you a part of our sisterhood," says the figure in a stern the female voice. "But you must do the sacred annunciation first." 
The figure pulls a book from her cloak. In the candlelight, it is clear the book is ancient. Ripes and dents make the book look old. The book would be broken if not for its cover holding it together.
"Put your hand on the book," the figure demands. 
Cecily sees no harm in doing this, but what if there is a catch?
"It won't hurt you," the figure confirms. "Put your hand on the book."
Slowly, Cecily puts her hand on the book. Nothing bad happens. 
"Good, Now, repeat after me: Natus est in tenebris." 
Cecily hesitates but eventually says, "Natus est in tenebris."
All the candlelight goes out one by one except the figure's candle. 
"One more time and it will be done," the figure explains.
"Natus est in tenebris."
Suddenly, the book flips open on its own. The pages blur past and stop on one page.
The manilla page is covered in strange writing that is definitely is in a different language. The ink looks fresh, kind of. 
Cecily has to look closer to believe her eyes. The ink all gather together as one. Then, the ink turns into a shape of a miniature snake. 
The ink moves off the page. It makes its way out of the book and onto Cecily's arm. Cecily wants to scream but can't seem to.
The ink finds a vein in Cecily's arm and enters it.
The ink moves up Cecily's arm as a straight black line. Cecily notices that her hands are shaking uncontrollably. The black line makes it to her neck and onto her face.
Rapidly, it goes into her eyes.
Now, Cecily's whole body shakes. No longer able to stand she falls to her knees. A bloodcurdling scream escapes her mouth.
Cecily's eyes turn from light blue to stormy gray. Black inky ooze runs out of eyes as tears. Her hair, her cute hair, becomes black and long.
Lastly, Cecily's mouth turns from a frown into a big smile.
Satisfied, the figure says, "Rise." Cecily stands up slowly. "Welcome to the sisterhood."
"Thank you," Cecily replies in a rather deep voice but through a smile. 



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