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Message to Readers

This story was written from the perspective of a dog watching his human get ready for school and eat breakfast in the morning. I think it needs some work, so any reviews are appreciated! Thanks for reading, and hope you like it! :D

As She Goes Off

September 13, 2018

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GROUP: Flash Fiction

I slowly come awake in my bed on the floor. The light-up thing that beeps every morning at 6:15 is beeping. As I hear it, a thought comes to mind: breakfast! I stand up and stretch- front legs, then my back. The human is sitting up in bed now, rubbing her eyes, reaching for the beeping thing to shut it off. I walk over to her and nudge the side of the bed, and she rubs the sides of my ears. I do what could be considered a smile, if I were human, then leave the room and go toward the kitchen.

I stand and wait expectantly, knowing that eventually she will come in. Waiting...waiting...I flop down on the floor, already bored. Then I hear footsteps on the stairs and jump up. Finally! I see her reach for the box of pebbles that are my breakfast and pour some in my bowl. How is it that these unappetizing-looking little rocks can taste so delicious?

As I chomp my food down, she pulls out a bag of bread and puts some in a thing that turns it brown. She sits and waits, looking at some papers with squiggles on them, sometimes erasing a few squiggles, sometimes erasing one. Suddenly POP! The bread is brown now, and she takes it out, slathers some orange stuff on it, then grabs a bag that looks very heavy, shoves the papers in it, and slings it over her shoulder. "Bye, boy. Be good for Mom today, alright?" she says to me, and I shove my head into her hand. She pets it for a minute, then stands up and leaves, and I watch as she goes off.
"Light up thing that beeps every morning at 6:15" = Electric alarm clock
"Thing that turns it (bread) brown" = Toaster
"The box of pebbles that are my breakfast" = Dog food
"Some papers with squiggles on them" = Homework


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