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January 6, 2015

GROUP: Flash Fiction

"One must,"  Professor Langley cleared her throat of cigararette phelgm, "One must be able to conduct oneself in orderly fashions, policies built by not only the society's, but one's own discretion."  Her eyes trailed the delinquents like a hawk scoping her prey. Her talons held the administrations only tool againist the rambuctious young people their little society of public education had, The Book of Protocol.  "Now, children, does that make sense? Can you-" Smoke induced coughing came up her throat, her marbled spectacles falling fall down her nose, "interpret that? It is plain English, as far as my mind can believe."  The four students, much to old for the desks they filled but much too poor for new ones nodded in a way that conveyed utter aggravation.  The Professor sat in her chair, behind a coffee-ringed oak desk, and absently reached for a pack that she knew had been relinquished by the health department just yesterday, "You know, all of you, all do, I'm sure, that what you did to our school was wrong, and disciplinary actions will arise for all four of you, as well as contacting your parents-"  A couple heads straightened, "or guardians by phone to have them aid in evaluating-" Langely peered down at The Book for the correct wording, "your correct punish-no, disciplinary plans. Then, there will be a meeting, privately, myself, the guidance counselor, and each of you to allow you, and your guardians, to have a full interpretation of what we believe should occur."  The four supposed "delinquents" shared a glance, what had they gotten themselves into?  Professor Langely sighed, and rose to walk out to her car for a well anticipated smoke, or two, maybe three if she was efficent.  "Well, children, I hope that you all will learn," A heavy cough, "to follow the rules, interpret school policies correctly, and never" A heave, "ever," A gasping choke, "take my cigarettes away from me."  The law abiding professor grasped the door knob, and with speed of hungry hawks, ran to her car, and smokes, leaving the four students, stuck in their desks, dumbfounded, weren't they taught that smoking was bad?

This went in a strange direction! I hope that the story is somewhat put together! Thanks!


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