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The Contents of a Purple Jansport Backpack

November 7, 2018

PROMPT: Inventory


GROUP: Flash Fiction

If Found, Please Return To:

Simon Gore

Boring, Maryland

1. A slanted stack of quarters, nickels and pennies- change from money foolishly spent.

2. A love letter, scrawled on a sheet of wilted notebook paper, written in sloppy cursive handwriting.

3. A pocket knife, untouched- its blade shiny clean and mirror-like. Gifted by a well-meaning but distant father.

4. A battered copy of A Separate Peace- annotated, dog-eared, scoured for subtext.

5. Extra socks and deodorant- just in case.

6. A thin blue spiral notebook, the first three pages meticulously filled in, and twenty pages hastily torn out. 

7. A scattering of broken pencils, forgotten by time.

8. An assortment of smashed and crumpled papers, deemed unimportant, cast to the bottom of the bag.

9. Crumbs, numerous- their motives unknown but likely sinister. 

10. An old, threadbare Fair Isle winter hat- decidedly "uncool," banished to the same fate as the papers (see item number 8).

Hope you guys like my pieces! Henceforth, I'll be doing mostly prompts, with a little sprinkling of free writing. Cheers!


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